Compact turbineTube turbine

Compact turbine

The compact turbine consists of a turbine, a generator and a sluice in a compact submercible module. The unit is assembled ready for installation with cables and oil hoses.

Small units up to 700 kW are based on direct drive where the turbine and generator are on the same axle.
Larger units up to 5 000 kW are multi-generator turbines in which the turbine drives several generators over a gear.

Closing device is a cylindrical gate which closes waterways very tightly. Opened gate moves totally out of the turbine water inlet causing no lose of flow.

The compact turbine can be placed directly in the power plant waterways. The position of the turbine may be chosen freely to reduce the civil works to minimum. The machinery is easy to fit in to old power plant structures, typical case being the replacement of an old francis unit.


Compact structure, turbine, generator and closing
mechanism in one unit.
Installation angle for the unit may vary from vertical to
Stainless steel structure.
Long service intervals.
Heads from 1.5 to 30 meters
compact turbine